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Check out our new discounted furniture from big brands like Wayfair, Amazon, Target & Ashley Furniture. Visit our MONTHLY AUCTIONS page for available auction products, which are listed the last week of each month. Most items are overstock, customer returns, and undeliverable furniture direct from big companies. Check the item notes on each product description for the condition and also click the “Product Link” on auctions for detailed product descriptions. Get ready to score amazing deals on sofas, kitchen tables, patio sets, bed frames, cabinets, tv stands and much more!


MONTHLY AUCTIONS start at just $9.99!  You can enter in the max bid you are willing to pay, knowing you may win it for less, depending on what others decide to bid. Prices will increase as bids are placed by different users,  by our bid increments (usually $5). If someone else already entered a higher max bid than you, the price will automatically go up until you have placed a higher max bid. If you are outbid, you will be notified through text/email but double check online before auction end to be sure. If bids are placed in the last 5 minutes of the item ending, another 5 minutes will automatically be added onto the time. Before bidding, you will be required to register for an account with your credit card info.


Congratulations to the winner! You will be notified through text/email if you win and you can pay for your winning item(s) on your account page. A standard 15% buyers premium and CA Sales Tax will be applied to your total. Payment must be made within 24 hours, as all bids are legally binding and a contract to pay. Your credit card will be automatically charged if payment is not received within 24 hours. You can then collect your items within 10 calendar days by scheduling a pickup or delivery on our online calendar. Please see additional info (FAQ) below for more details.


We have our current furniture items for sale listed on a few online websites including OfferUp and Facebook Marketplace. However, during the week of our monthly auctions, many of the items will not be available for Buy Now since they may be listed in the auction. Select the OfferUp or Facebook Marketplace button below and message us directly 24/7 to setup a day and time to come purchase any items you are interested in at our Otay Mesa Warehouse or request a delivery quote. We accept cash, venmo or credit cards. Items are first come, first serve and can come and go quickly. You may hold an item with a deposit to avoid it selling out before you pickup.


Our new warehouse pickup location is in the Marimar / Mira Mesa area at: 7950 Silverton Avenue Suite 125 San Diego, CA 92126. Please visit our LOCATION page for full details.


Since we are a warehouse and not an actual retail store front, we do not have standard store hours. You can email us or message us on OfferUp / Facebook Marketplace 24/7 to schedule an appointment and we will get back to you as quickly as possible. Everything is by appointment only and someone is typically at the warehouse for pickup appointments 3 days a week. To come checkout our furniture on our OfferUp or Facebook Marketplace page, message us directly there to schedule a day/time. If you are needing to pickup your auction winnings, you must schedule a pickup/delivery date on our online auction calendar.


Avoid lines and long wait times! Pickup is by appointment only, no walk-ins.

IMPORTANT: We cannot help load for liability reasons.
For all pickups, please come prepared with help/tools if needed and a large enough vehicle.


If you have won an auction, your pickup can be scheduled on our online calendar at the Schedule Pickup / Delivery page. Pickups must be made within 10 calendar days of auction end date. Please make sure to schedule your pickup quickly after payment as time slots are limited and vary. We usually have 3 days available to choose from within the 10 day pickup time frame, including at least 1 Saturday. View our current available slots on the Schedule Pickup / Delivery page. When you arrive, please show us your state issued picture ID/drivers license (that matches the name on your account) and we will bring your items to the door for you to inspect then load (loading must be done by you, we cannot help for liability reasons). If you do not have an ID that matches the name on the account, we unfortunately cannot release your order, this is to protect us all from fraud. If you need to arrange a 3rd party to pickup for you, please email us.


Please message us directly on OfferUp or Facebook Marketplace to schedule a date/time to pickup. Someone is usually available 3 days a week (limited hours) for pickups. Hours and days vary so please message for availability. Items here are first come, first serve but you may hold an item by placing a deposit with Venmo. Visit our LOCATION page with more details on how to find us.


As soon as you arrive, we will pull your item(s) out front for you to inspect. This is to make sure we have given you all items/correct items. We do our best to inspect and provide details on the item description, however we cannot guarantee it will always be 100% accurate. If there is a major discrepancy/damage with the item and the online description, please let us know so we can check it out during your inspection and we may issue a refund in rare circumstances. If you have won an auction: Issues like the color looking off/different on the screen, or slight imperfections/marks will not be considered.

Once you leave the inspection area with your item(s), they cannot be brought back/refunded for any reason. More details can be found in our Terms & Conditions.


Choose this convenient option to have delivery to your front door. Request a delivery quote here.

Pricing will vary based on distance, number of items, type/size of items and if additional unloading help is needed. If your items fit in a pickup truck, rates start at $49. Quotes can take up to 24 hours but we will try our best to get you the quote asap!

You may pay for your delivery via credit card (we will send you an invoice) or Venmo, whatever you prefer.

Once your delivery has been paid for, a delivery driver will arrive within the scheduled time frame and will unload and bring to the door for you. Please inspect your item(s) to make sure it is the correct item(s) and for any damage that could have occurred during delivery before the driver leaves and notify the driver right away, as we may need to open a claim. If you are unavailable when the driver arrives, your delivery cost cannot be refunded and you will need to schedule a new appointment. Advance delivery cancellations may or may not be available, depending on how much notice is given, since we book these ahead of time with the drivers and we may be charged for cancellations.

If you have won an auction and need to schedule a delivery, please make sure to schedule a delivery here after paying for your auction items. Time slots are limited and vary, and make sure your delivery is scheduled to be dropped off to you within 10 calendar days of auction end date. Please also make sure to schedule your delivery at least 48 hours in advance, to give us enough time to send you your delivery quote to approve/pay before your appointment time. We will then send you an email back within 24-48 hours with a quote for you to review & approve the price. You can then pay via credit card and your appointment will be finalized. You are responsible for keeping up with your appointments, even if reminder/confirmation emails do not go through. You can always view your upcoming delivery appointment here while logged in.


We purchase direct from big brand companies like Wayfair, Amazon, Home Depot, Walmart and many more, at deeply discounted prices. All items come direct from these companies.


The majority of our items will be brand new, still in the original retail or shipping box but condition can vary, please read the description of each item. Condition examples: Overstock items or shelf pulls (too many made, so companies need to sell off at a discounted price to clear inventory), items being returned back to the big companies due to failed delivery attempts, customer cancellations & customer returns for various reasons. Manufacturer defects and minor damage (knicks, scratches, etc) from shipping/handling may be present on some of our items but we do our best to find any issues if they exist, and list them in the description with photos! Not all items or packaging will be 100% perfect due to extra shipping/handling they go through.


All items a deeply discounted and are sold As Is, No Warranties, No Returns. We only offer returns/refunds in rare cases if there are major discrepancies (like needed pieces missing that were not mentioned in the description) and we encourage you to inspect your item when picking up. Color being off, defects or wear  from shipping & handling, etc will not be considered, as we offer our items at discounted rates, so some items may not be in 100% perfect condition! However, we do our best to inspect items before listing and give accurate descriptions and photos online . We encourage you to inspect your item when picking up to make sure it is the correct item and does not have any major discrepancies not listed in the description. Once you have starting moving/loading your item, it cannot be returned since damage can occur during transport. For deliveries, you must inspect your item before the driver leaves and notify the driver to call us immediately. Please also email us immediately with any major issues.


We usually get a couple truckloads in per month. However due to the pandemic and shortage/delay in the furniture industry and the shipping industry, we have seen some delays and fewer truckloads available or a delay in getting the truckloads. To be notified of new items, join our mailing list. The most up to date items will be on our OfferUp Page.



Auctions are once per month, at the end of each month and last for 7 days. Visit our monthly auctions page here:


For auctions, a buyer’s premium is a standard auctioneering fee that helps cover the cost associated with sourcing products, marketing auctions, running the marketplace and managing services such as payment collection and listing processing. Unless otherwise stated in the auction, our standard buyer’s premium is 15% of the final bid price. Please keep in mind that this amount will be added to the final winning bid to arrive at the final amount due.


You can enter any amount as your maximum bid, this represents the highest price you are willing to pay for that item. However, just because you enter this amount, does not mean the bidding will automatically increase to that amount. Prices increase according to our bid increments (usually $5 increments), and what other’s have entered as their maximum bids. For example, if an item has not been bidded on yet and starts at $9.99 and someone places a bid for $100, the item will stay at $9.99 until someone else places a higher bid. If you decide to bid on that item and enter $50, the price will increase to the next $5 increment, so $55, and you will still be outbid until you place a higher bid than the users $100 bid. You will not know how much the other person has put as their max bid, this is private. You will only know once you outbid them.


Our system automatically extends the auction bidding time an additional 5 minutes, if there is a bid placed within the last 5 minutes of the auction ended. This will repeat if new bids continue to get placed within the last 5 minutes. Overtime bidding helps control “auction sniping” which is when a bidder (the sniper) waits until the last possible moment to place a bid, so as to prevent other bidders from competing and driving up the price. Overtime bidding gives other bidders a chance to compete with any snipers.


Check our our Terms & Conditions Page

Email Us for more questions.

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